Saturday, February 23, 2008

Older Men...

So let go, let go, jump in
Oh well, watcha waiting for,
It's alright
Cause there's beauty in the breakdown
Let go, let go, just get in
Oh, it's so amazing here
It's alright
Cause there's beauty in the breakdown

So you might have been looking at the title of this entry and are thinking what the heck, older men? Yup that's the topic up for discussion at the moment. I do appologize for the slight absense, I didn't forget about this place I just never seemed to have anything worth writing about. Well tonight I have older men on my mind so that's where we are going to start.

I don't know about any of you who are reading this blog entry (and if you happen to be a male maybe you will find this slightly interesting or entertaining, but at least you are forewarned on the topic) but I have discovered that I am attracted to older men. Now taken not all men I speak of are greatly older then myself, one happens to be only a few months older then myself but in general I like older men. Granted most of these men I speak of are about 5-10 years older then myself but there are a couple that are older then that. Like one for example is about 20 years older then myself.

Now this could go in either direction. Some might be saying, that's really gross he could be your father and some could be saying hell yeah rock on! I'm not sure what to think of it either way haha. He's a friend and I'm not saying I want to run off and marry the man but I am subtly attracted to him. He's a nice guy and he keeps me quite entertained. Now he doesn't know this, I don't think I will ever tell him, which I'm alright with but it helps the question.

Why are women attracted to older men? Why am I attracted to older men? Maybe that's the better question, who knows. Maybe its the idea that they have been around just a bit longer then you have been so there is this mystery about things that you don't know but he could. Of course mystery in any man is attractive. I'm pulled to those tall, dark attractive strangers and the infamous bad boy. Being a writer I always like some like them in my stories, I love creating their minds, the things they know and could teach! They are more fully mature usually physically and personally. I would say mentally but is any man truely mature? lol. Life would be boring if so! Some say I matured myself at a very young age so that could be a factor in this. I'm just trying to find someone at my own level.

I think another factor is that men of the older generations (now I should point out, while I am will not project my actual age here I am not that old. But I'm not young either. To shed a little light I will state this, I check the box that reads 18-25 on it) are more of the gentlemen type. Ok, that didn't sound exactly how I wanted it to. But I think that men older then myself seem to have things going well for them in all areas of the court.

If I have missed any good points, I'm sure I have I went through this quickly, feel free to help my keep the list updated! Any opinions are wonderful one! Take care all until the next time.

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Nikki said...

older men have the appeal of being able to use their brains more than their penises. . .most men, anyway. when you talk to them, they listen and answer, instead of acting like monkeys. and yea, there's that mystery and physical maturity too, I like that. but I think that the main reason is safety. it's that feeling that you're in a relationship with someone who's got that been there, done that attitued, so you feel that if something big happens, it'll be easier for them to handle. that's how I feel anyway. anwhoo, yay for older guys!!