Friday, February 8, 2008

Watch This Story Unfold...

So the first is always the toughest I suppose and I could see why. What do you say on the very first post of your very own blog? There are a lot of ways I could go about this if I really think about it. I could start by galavanting on some obscene thing that will make all turn away from here scratching their heads or I could try and state some highly intelligent thoughts to make you feel slightly less of a person then you once were. But neither of those sounds all too exciting to me at the moment. So here we go.

For inspirational writing purposes I will go by Mercedes. So, no that is not my real name and I'm not one of those people who dispises their real name so they use a fake one instead. I don't mind my name, its different in its own way; I can't complain. But as you will find out, I am a writer, or I like to consider myself one, and so why not use another name?

A quick run down of me... As mentioned I am a writer as well as a college student. I will get deeper into that part of my life as I go along I'm sure. I like to explain how I feel and what is going on in my head through lyrics so don't be surprised to see those pop up often here. I don't much want to bore you with about me statements, so I will scatter those in as I go.

Have any questions for me at any time ask away. I won't be afraid to answer any strange or outrageous questions that you can ponder up. Save a few that you could guess on. I am quite easy to get along with and am amused easily. Things on here might get crazy random, along with some of my lingo, hope you can catch on. And as evidence has shown things I saw do seem to be like a plague, you'll be using it before you know it!

My goal is to keep this updated regularly. Key word there: goal. But as things are always going on in this crazy head of mine, expect the unexpected! We'll catch you around!

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