Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Strange thoughts from a late hour

Its funny how some nights I can look at the clock and it will read 3 am and I could swear it was 10 pm at the latest. The mornings after those nights are usually viscous and hurt the head. While tonight its going on just after 11:30 pm and I feel like dawn is closing in on my sore eyes. Yesterday in between classes I had come up with a wonderful entry for this blog. I wrote it at least twice in my head. Well as you can tell it never made it. And as most things that don't get written down I forgot everything I was intending to write.

Doesn't that always seem to happen? At least to me it does. I always joke that my mental list is malfunctioning. Which proves to be true most days. I think its mostly because I'm so scatter brained. I think a lot and I also will write things in my head as I go along with my day. When I was younger I would go for walks sometimes and I would verbally make a play and act out all the parts as I went through them. I started carrying a 'journal' around with me this year. Not a 'dear diary' journal but a thoughts journal thanks to the suggestion of my creative writing professor. I have already gotten many good things written down in there. Captured moments that needed to be caught. But I always wonder what happens to all the good little thoughts that slipt away. Will I ever catch those thoughts again or are they lost in the abyss of my mind for the rest of time?

As this day comes to a near close so shall this post that was quite short and almost pointless, but if there was no point whatsoever then nothing would be written here so for the point that is being made deep within these letters I shall let you delve into. And when my mind is functioning better I promise to put on here more depth and insight to this story as it unfolds...

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